FYI: This gigantic pumpkin just set a new record

October is closing in on the halfway point (say it ain’t so!), and it’s officially pumpkin season. Whether you’re enjoying a PSL or spending a chilly afternoon at a pumpkin patch, now is the time to take in all the gourd glory before it’s too late. And just in case you want an extra dose of pumpkiny goodness, take a look at this record-setting pumpkin, grown in Wisconsin.

The green pumpkin was named the winner at the Harvest Fest in Stillwater, Minnesota over the weekend. Its the largest pumpkin in North America at a whopping 2,185 pounds. That’s over a ton of pumpkin! It’s also just under 200 pounds smaller than the world record holder, a pumpkin grown in Germany last year.

The pumpkin was weighed and awarded during the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off, but that’s just the first step in becoming the certified biggest pumpkin on the continent. Apparently, the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth will have to sign off on the award as the organization that sets standards for veggie contests around the world.

For now, grower Josiah Brandt will get to enjoy the $5,000 prize for the weigh-off, and wait for the his official stamp of pumpkin approval!

(Image via Twitter)