Recipes to pair with your fave TV shows

As much as I love the quick recipes on the back of Ritz cracker boxes, I feel like I’m at an age (23) where I should probably be expanding my cooking repertoire. My favorite TV shows have become a surprising inspiration (with the exception of American Horror Storybecause I’m way too worried about every character’s well-being to even think about food when I watch that show), so I thought I’d gather up some A+ recipes for your next Netflix binge. The recipes I looked up to go with my favorite shows are easy but look profesh. Seriously, your friends will be asking where you’re hiding the butler. Here’s what’s in my TV-watching cookbook:

Frittata a la Schmidt

My life would be complete if I could just have brunch with Schmidt on a Sunday afternoon, decked out in our preppy best. There’s no doubt he has Martha Stewart up on a pedestal, along with her mouth-watering Tomato, Scallion, and Cheddar Cheese Frittata recipe. Maybe add a little chut-ah-ney?

Ben’s Calzone Zone

It was tempting to find the best waffle, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or Skittle-Starburst recipe, but all Ben ever wanted was for someone to appreciate the calzone. Rachel Ray definitely does with this Sausage Calzone recipe.

Emily’s Empanadas

Emily got into chef mode in a recent PLL episode, and it didn’t turn out so well . . . but a few tips from Marcela Valladolid’s Ground Beef Empanada recipe will help for next time.

Bran’s Beef and Barley Stew

Watching Game of Thrones requires a lot of energy, but The Inn at the Crossroads food blog knows just the recipe to help you make it through. Also, they’ve published an entire GoT-themed cookbook that I will be buying.

Beyoncé’s Pad Thai

Danny is always cooking delectable Italian food, but the first mention of Thai has me reaching for take-out menus. When I make this bad boy myself, I’ll be following Nongkran Daks’s Kuay Tiaw Pad Thai recipe.

Boyle Brings You: Edamame Salad

Charles Boyle is the ultimate foodie. He has a pizza blog, doesn’t mind if there’s a hoof in his Kawari stew, and planned for a jalapeño-frosted wedding cake. I think he’d approve of Alton Brown’s Roasted Edamame Salad recipe.

So put on your favorite JAM-boree shirt and get cooking!

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