Someone created a recipe for a weed margarita because the internet loves us

There comes a moment in adult life when the need for R&R arises, but finances, work or other obligations may not align with an island escape. In that case, you could have a meltdown, re-center with yoga or let the internet guide you through a recipe for a weed margarita.

Yes, this is real life: The crafty YouTubers over at WatchCut concocted a weed margarita and were generous enough to share the recipe online. If you happen to reside where pot is legal and aren’t already sipping on a glass of weed-infused wine (um, why not?), then here’s a way you can take your margarita to the next level.

The ingredients are pretty straight-forward:


If you’re wondering where TF you buy weed tequila, it’s made by taking an eighth of an ounce of pot and pouring it in the tequila, shaking and then straining it. The video recommends storing the liquid from anywhere between two days and a month. However, if your nerves are particularly frazzled, you might want to hit that yoga pose we discussed earlier until your tequila’s ready to go.

And from there, the steps are basically the same as making a normal margarita.

So, drink up (and safely, of course)! Whatever you do, just be sure to avoid too much sunlight while sippin’ on your new favorite drink. From what we hear, sun exposure combined with dander from certain citrus fruits like lime can bring on a nasty case of margarita sunburn, which honestly sounds like the most painful buzzkill ever.