Here’s a recipe for ~donut-topped sundaes~ which is precisely what you want to eat right now

We know it’s the start of a new year and plenty of people are laser-focused on upping their fitness game, but for those of you who are already plotting your next cheat day, here’s a recipe for donut-topped sundaes.

C’mon now, don’t give us those judgey eyes. We have a few months of cold, gloomy weather ahead, which tends to trigger feelings of loneliness and isolation (aka “the winter blahs”) in a lot of us. That said, this sundae is the perfect kind of comfort food to make you feel less alone and if indulging every so often gets you through your seasonal slump, then who are we to stand in your way?

So, Teen Vogue highlighted this super sweet dessert recipe from Flour Shop’s Amirah Kassem as a special New Year’s Eve treat, but we happen to think it has major year-round appeal. It’s made with melted white and milk chocolate, sprinkles, ice cream (you choose the flavor), frosted animal crackers, marshmallows and the best part — it’s topped with donuts.

The only Instagram caption this mouthwatering sundae of our dreams needs is #YUMMMM (extra Ms serve as added emphasis and an acronym for More More More). Here are the simple steps for preparing this delightful dessert:

We freaked out when McDonald’s started serving taco sundaes for breakfast but this delectable donut-adorned dish proves we have pah-lenty room left in our hearts (and stomachs) for whatever variety of sundaes these dessert-centered masterminds want to throw at us.

For now, we’re off to experiment with this donut sundae recipe. We’ll get that work out in sooner or later. The gym’s probably (definitely) crowded anyway.