Here’s a recipe for “Christmas Crack,” aka, the sweetest holiday dessert ever

We’re beginning to think You Suck at Cooking needs to rename their YouTube channel because their mouthwatering recipe for “Christmas Crack” is possibly the furthest thing from sucky. It actually looks like the most satisfactory holiday dessert your sweet tooth will ever meet and could easily become one of those seasonal desserts you find yourself making year round.

It also doesn’t hurt that this how-to video features the channel’s traditionally hilarious commentary (that can be heard in their how to make mac ‘ n cheese video which was all types of awesomesauce) to make us laugh our asses off instead of crying over the monstrous amount of calories this dessert probably contains.

Precisely, but hang in there with us.

After kicking off the video with a unique spin on the history of wreaths, the tutorial gets right into the thick of things with the first ingredient for Christmas crack.

Yep, that would be a big ol’ hunk of butter (more specifically, one cup), and this recipe just took an expected sharp left towards There’s No Way That’s Healthysville.

Next, you combine the butter and one cup of packed brown sugar in a pot to make the sauce. While that’s boiling, you use your downtime to make decorations on the cheap because apparently they enhance the Christmas crack flavors (probably, but maybe, although we’re not really sure).

So, one shake of a Christmas stick later and you have a pot of delish-looking caramel. Take a foil-lined pan and cover it with graham crackers and then pour the caramel concoction on top.

After adding sea salt and baking, remove the caramel-salt-topped crackers from the oven and top it with ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS. As the warmth from the crackers softens the chips, spread it over the crackers. Then top with pecans, almonds, granola and crushed candy cane (?) or as the vid description notes, “whatever toppings you want.” Then you wait a few hours for the candy to harden or put it in the fridge.

In the end, we almost don’t care what toppings are used because Christmas crack looks so damn tasty, we’d love to shove our entire faces into it right now.

YUM. We didn’t think it was possible to become addicted to something without tasting it first, but we have a feeling that a Christmas crack binge is in our near future.