The reason everyone’s freaking about about this recently resurfaced Drake video

Ok, we don’t want to go too crazy with conspiracy theories, here, but is there any chance that Drake can predict and control the future? We already know he seems to have a weird, semi-magical ability to insert phrases into our minds that then become 10% of all conversations, from YOLO (which thankfully seems to be over) to “Zero to one hundred, real quick.”

The latest Drake phrase that we find ourselves- and our friends, and soon our dad, probably- saying way too frequently is “What a time.” Taken from the title of his 2015 mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive, the phrase is one of those earworms that just slots into a million situations. You can say it earnestly, “We won an Oscar! What a time!” Or sarcastically, “Finals week, what a time.” It’s the “it is what it is” of 2015.

EXCEPT! Should it have been the “it is what it is “of 2010? In researching an article about Drake’s song, “November 18th,” which chronicles the life-changing day he met Lil Wayne, MTV writer Adam Fleisher came across a potentially shocking revelation in, of all things, a 2010 interview with Katie Couric.

That’s right! There you have Drake (rocking a shawl-collar sweater, btw) trying out his phrase on the Katie Couric, a full five years before the What a Time to Be Alive mixtape came out.

What can we infer from this time-capsule of knowledge? Does Drake go through extensive years of testing before inserting his words directly into our mouths? Did Ms. Couric not show any response to “what a time,” prompting him to decide that it needed much more research before being granted to an adoring public?

Look, we don’t want to say for sure that Drake plans his catchy phrases half a year in advance, but that’s not going to stop us from pouring through the rest of this interview and making a calendar to see when key phrases drop into the cultural hive-mind. Our money is on “chop it up” to take over the world in 2016.

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