Rebel Wilson spills the beans on Pitch Perfect 3. That’s right, PP3!

As if we weren’t already excited enough about Pitch Perfect 2 coming out next month, today we found out from Rebel Wilson herself that there’s going to be a Pitch Perfect 3, and Rebel is starring in it!

People reports that yesterday afternoon, LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman sat down with Rebel and tweeted the good news:

That’s ALL we know right now. Still, it’s a LOT more than we knew a day ago. We already felt so lucky we were getting a Pitch Perfect sequel, and now it turns out Pitch Perfect is going to be a TRILOGY. Just like The Godfather and Back To The Future, Pitch Perfect trilogy, soon you will belong to the ages…

Pitch Perfect 2 comes out May 15th. We’re SO ready to get pitchslapped.

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