Rebel Wilson raps in the new ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ trailer and it’s amazing

How many days until May 15th? It’s time to mark your calendars (if you haven’t already) because this new Pitch Perfect trailer is about to rock your world — literally. In Pitch Perfect 2, the sequel to the 2012 smash hit, our favorite ladies are kicking it international-style, and traveling to Europe for the a cappella world championships.

And of course, no Pitch Perfect movie would be complete without the antics of Rebel Wilson, who plays “Fat Amy” in the franchise. In this newest trailer she’s dancing, wise-cracking and, most importantly, rapping. Her rendition of “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest makes it into what looks like another iconic “Riff-Off” between the rival groups.

Some other favorite moments include Becca and Jesse’s adorable relationship (which is still going strong!), the return of our favorite announcers, Gail and John (who let the Bellas know that there’s basically no way for them to win the competition since no American team has ever won), and a new rendition of “Cups” featuring the whole gang around a campfire. Seriously, is it possible to hear the first line of that song and not get chills? I’m pretty sure it’s not.

Basically, it looks like Pitch Perfect 2  has everything you want in a sequel. The return of all of our favorite characters? Check. Amazing songs that take what the first movie did to the next level? Check. HILARIOUS one-liners from Rebel Wilson? Double check. Hurry up, May 15th.

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