Rebel Wilson Is Launching a Fluid Dating App: “It’s Kind of Love with No Labels”

"I never thought I was 100 percent straight," the actress revealed while promoting her new dating app.

Rebel Wilson is adding app developer to her resume. The Senior Year actress is ramping up for the release of her new dating app called Fluid, in which users don’t have to specify their sexual orientation or what they’re looking for.

“What’s really cool is, it’s open to everyone,” Wilson, who co-founded the app, told People. “You might just be interested in checking out a wider dating pool like I was. It covers a lot of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, but I think even if you’re straight you could use the app and have an amazing time.”

Fluid, which hits the app store later this month, is free and open to all ages. As described by Wilson, the dating service’s algorithm “picks up who you are vibing with and how much time you spend on certain profiles.” She adds that it displays profiles based on shared interests, too.

“I wish that this was around five years ago,” Wilson said.

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Prior to her relationship with Ramona Agruma, Wilson was dating men though she “never thought I was 100 percent straight.” It wasn’t until her first onscreen kiss with a woman that she realized she may be interested in casting a larger net.

“Something like this would have really helped me and maybe I would have stumbled upon a female’s profile and been like, ‘OK, maybe I do want to message them.’ I totally would have joined up for Fluid because you don’t have to label yourself in any way. You just see who you connect with,” Wilson explained to People. “I know that, to me, it doesn’t matter about the gender, it just matters about the person.”

“I don’t quite know how to define my sexuality, but I do know there’s a lot of people out there that don’t want to totally define it either,” she said.

Throughout this journey, Wilson has been hitting the books and reading sexuality studies. “I think sexuality is so complex and nuanced than just saying straight or gay. I like the word fluid,” she reasoned.

Even in her relationship now, Wilson isn’t sure what “category” she would label herself. But, she’s relishing in her same-sex partnership: “It’s awesome.” Even though, the 42-year-old recently revealed on the Life Uncut podcast that her partner’s family hasn’t been entirely accepting of their relationship, and that’s been challenging.

“With her, she’s not in the public eye, it’s much harder on her. It’s so sad to see what happened with her family over it. Hopefully, people will change their attitude about things,” Wilson shared on the podcast.

You can sign up for Fluid for free later this month wherever apps are sold.

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