How Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne persuaded Justin Bieber to hang out with them

Who wouldn’t want to spend a night in Vegas with Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne? It sounds like the best night possible, with a high likelihood of hijinks and chaos of the greatest variety. Also: laughs. So many laughs.

The ladies noticed the Biebs was also in the same club (Jennifer Lopez’s new Vegas residency), so they decided to invite him to come join their fun. How did they do so? With a note, middle school style, as one does. So when the two funny ladies propositioned Justin Bieber after spotting him across the room, to spend the night with their “sexy hot asses,” he wisely checked yes.

Osbourne ‘grammed the note she and Wilson passed him with the caption, “This shit between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #REAL”:

Osbourne and Wilson also posted pics of the three of them clubbin’ it up, and it looks like they’re having a blast (also, Hoda Kotb joined the crew, which surely means wine was consumed, which we are all for):

And how did it go? Bieber weighed in at about 5AM, which means they were up allllllllllll night. Vegas style!

Here’s the takeaway: always go see J.Lo if she invites you to her show, always check yes when someone passes you a “check yes or no” note, and always, always Tweet the evidence.

(Images via Instagram, Twitter)