Rebel Wilson Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Fake Twin Sister Ever!

Rebel Wilson is one of the funniest people alive. When she’s not playing Kristen Wiig’s demented roommate who gets a tattoo of a Mexican Drinking Worm, or getting shot by a burrito in Pitch Perfect, she’s revealing to a parody of MTV’s True Life that she’s Jennifer Lawrence’s twin sister, Catherine. Although I absolutely adore Jennifer, I think I love Catherine Lawrence even more.

If I could choose a fake twin sister, it would totally be Rebel Wilson. Because Rebel is not afraid of admitting to the cameras that she would only give her sister Jen a kidney if she could have sex with Bradley Cooper. Also, I love that Rebel would like everyone to know that Jennifer totally stole the idea of Winter’s Bone from a photograph Rebel took of a snowman with a boner.

But seriously, Rebel Wilson is not afraid of making fun of herself. By stating, “Jennifer’s really generous. She actually gave me her Oscars dress. She said I could wear it as a scarf,” she’s showing Hollywood that she doesn’t give a sh**t about its overwhelmingly unrealistic representations and expectations of women’s bodies and outward appearances. And she’s freaking hilarious while doing so!

Check out the unaired MTV Movie Awards sketch right here:

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