Rebel Wilson’s first headshot is hilariously awkward

If our friends ever want to embarrass us, all they usually have to do is go back a few years on our Facebook photos until our hair gets crazy and our fashion choices questionable. Rebel Wilson has a similar what-was-I-thinking moment whenever she sees her first ever headshot, which she showed Seth Meyers when she stopped by his show Monday night.

Because Rebel is super talented, she started acting at a young age, but unfortunately that means her very early self is forever immortalized in this hilarious picture. The hair, the graffiti, the softball, the softball mitt, all these elements together are so horribly perfect.

“There’s so much going on and there’s so few acting parts that this works,” Seth commented. Luckily, Rebel is able to laugh at herself and, clearly, this somewhat undesirable headshot didn’t hold her back in the long run.

“When I first said I was going to become an actress nobody thought that it would ever happen,” Rebel explained. “And looking at that headshot, would you think that girl would get hired?”

Maybe not, but we are so happy she did!