Rebel Wilson just explained why she chooses to be “eternally single”

Our celebrity spirit animal, the hilarious Rebel Wilson, has just given us yet another reason to love her.

During a recent interview with People about her role in the upcoming film How to Be Single, Rebel had a frank discussion about her own relationship status and why she enjoys being single so much.

To be fair, Rebel seems to enjoy everything she does. And we enjoy her enjoyment. She’s just plain enjoyable.


Inspired by her mother’s advice to go out and explore the world rather than feeling the need to settle down and start a family too young, Rebel has been doing just that. And, in focusing on having independent adventures and continuing to catapult her already successful career, she just hasn’t had lot of time or interest in being in a serious relationship.

To which, we say, “Get it, girl.”


While the comedy star admits that she’s open to whatever may come her way, she has certainly been able to channel her fiercely free-spirited self-confidence into her movie roles, consistently delighting us with her antics.

The truth is, we can’t seem to get enough intelligent and inspiringly independent woman and can’t wait to see more of the hilariousness her bright future holds.


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