Here’s why Rebel Wilson decided to launch her own plus-sized clothing line

Back in May, we were so pumped to hear that Rebel Wilson would be launching her own clothing line in collaboration with plus-size retailer Torrid. Now, the release of her 31-piece capsule collection is almost here — November 1st! — and her rad clothing will be available both in-store and online.

Of course, we know that Rebel has fabulous fashion sense, but it’s been pretty difficult for her to find cute, trendy plus-sized clothing — which is exactly why Rebel wanted to provide it. “I’m currently like a size 18, sometimes a 16 depending on how good I’ve been, so I’m kind of just a bit too big for most regular clothing,” she told People in this week’s issue.

But the plus-size clothing she could find wasn’t anything she actually wanted to wear. “What I found with a lot of plus-size clothing was that it didn’t seem cool or on-trend,” she continued. “It was kind of like what your auntie would wear to a wedding. So it was a mission to find clothes that fit and were well-made. . . it definitely is an under-served market.”

The brand also has her own twist and flair. She’s made it encapsulate her own personality, which she described to People as “complex.” “People see me in movies and think that I’m like Fat Amy, but I’m not,” she said. “People are really surprised when they find out, ‘Oh she has a law degree!’ They think I’m really stupid. So I have all of these different elements to my personality.”

Her passion for music as well as her Australian culture really influences her fashion taste — and thus, the line, as she explained:

She wanted to make sure to incorporate these elements, and she knew that Torrid would be the perfect brand to work with after wearing their clothing for several photo shoots. “I met the girl they fit on, and she’s like my body size,” she told People. “No wonder they get it right so much; they’re fitting on real people’s bodies.”

As her fame has skyrocketed, Rebel’s passion for fashion has developed. “I guess that’s what happens when you become successful as an actress: People take notice of what you wear, and you weirdly become a role model for other girls,” she told People. “. . .It takes a little while, but then you realize what looks nice and what kind of little risks you can take without being too crazy but still showing a bit of your personality.”

But that said, Rebel rightly believes that it’s the inside that counts. “I just was always the kind of person who cared what was on the inside,” she told People. “I’m a person who uses my brain; it’s not really about my personal aesthetic. But then I realized that if girls can see me standing next to really skinny actresses holding my own and being really confident in how I look, then that’s a good message to send.”

And we totally agree. We can’t WAIT until Rebel’s line is released on November 1st. Thanks, Rebel, for being a fabulous body-positive inspiration to girls and women everywhere.


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