Rebel Wilson talks to us about her new Angels fashion line, and the Hollywood legend who inspired her style

You can always measure the temperament of a host by the vibe of their party, and the NYC launch party for Rebel Wilson’s newest fashion line presented a warm atmosphere full of rosé spritzers and women kicking back.

For the past few months, the Australian-born actress and comedian has been hard at work designing her new plus-size Rebels x Angels collection, and we were lucky enough to peek at the new fashion line at the Dia&Co space.

Unlike her first capsule collection with Torrid, the design process for the Rebels x Angels collection gave the actress full license to do whatever she wanted. Slated for official release later this summer, the line features everything from sleek black bodycon dresses to cotton candy pink bomber jackets in sizes 14 to 24, with prices ranging from $49 to $298.

It will be sold at select stores, including Dia&Co, Nordstrom, Dillards, and Lord and Taylor. And witnessing the fashion-forward and curve-flaunting pieces firsthand made us even more impatient for the retail release.

Amidst the spritzers and selfies, HelloGiggles chatted with Rebel about her design process, and how acting has informed her personal style.


HelloGiggles: If you could describe the ideal event to wear a piece from your Angels collection, what kind of event would it be?

Rebel Wilson: If I was nominated for an Oscar or any award of that level, that would be amazing. As we develop the line, it’s going to be interesting expanding, because we have a lot of everyday dresses so that’ll be awesome to design. I really want it to be versatile.

HG: Have any of your acting roles influenced your sense of fashion?

RW: I’m not sure that any specific acting roles did, but living and working in Hollywood has made me more aware of fashion, and the tips and the tricks that help plus-size women look stylish.

HG: Did you have any style icons growing up who have inspired you?

RW: I’ve always loved Adele’s music, but also, I think she dresses so classy. Marilyn Monroe, of course. At the time, she was a size 14 and she was just a beautiful bombshell. So many voluptuous women out there, I love all the bombshells.

HG: How did the process of your first line with Torrid inform your new collection?

RW: Well, with the first line, obviously I was working everything through Torrid, from the designs themselves to the distribution. So, I learned and realized a lot of the process through experiences. With this line, I can do a lot more that I want, since it’s on my own terms.

HG: If you were to compare the emotional tones of your Torrid line versus your Angels collection, what would you say? Do they feel emotionally different?

RW: Yeah, I think they do because in Torrid it all had a Torrid aesthetic, which is great and known, but not purely me. Whereas for Angels, it’s just me. I guess, overall, I feel even more beautiful and free.

HG: Does your experience as a standup comedian inform your willingness to take risks in fashion?

RW: Yeah, it definitely does. Although, even with my experience as a comedian under my belt, I still have a pretty classic taste with clothing. I try to always keep it classy, sometimes it’s cool and sophisticated, sometimes it’s something more casual. But my actual clothing doesn’t get too risky.


If you’re feeling eager and excited for updates about the official Rebels x Angels launch date, you can join the waiting list here.

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