This woman can transform herself into every celebrity ever

Halloween will be creeping up on us before we know it, which means that it’s time to get inspired as you update your costume makeup skills!

One human being who you should DEFINITELY use as a muse is makeup artist Rebecca Swift. Why? Because she’ll make you believe that a makeup brush can become a magic wand. Essentially, she takes various cosmetics and turns herself into a celebrity chameleon. Here are just a few of the people she’s mimicked: Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, Donald Trump, Anna Kendrick, Batman‘s Joker…. But seriously – we’re only naming a few here because there are many, MANY more!

Take a look:

Honestly, we cannot get over how talented she is. Some people struggle with putting on one shade of eyeshadow in the morning, but Rebecca is definitely not one of those people. The proof: her contouring, shading, and highlighting skills are out of this world! In fact, we can picture her walking into the bathroom, working her makeup magic, and walking out as a completely different person. She’s basically like a makeup magician.

As of right now, Ms. Swift only has an Instagram and Facebook page, but we hope that she’ll consider starting a YouTube channel to show us some step-by-step tutorials. Even if she doesn’t, it’s still fun to scroll through her Instagram and to wonder about who she’s going to transform into next. Her last upload featured her as the all-powerful Book from Hocus Pocus (which is absolutely incredible, by the way). So maybe we’ll see her become one of the Sanderson sisters sometime soon?

Luckily, the artist is doing a 100-day transformation challenge, so there’s definitely more to come (and more to be inspired by)!

[Images via Instagram]

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