Rebecca Black performed “The Great Divide,” and we have to admit, it was totally beautiful

When you know you want to sing for a living, you won’t let anything get you down — not even a viral video that ended up being sort of embarrassing. We all remember the song “Friday,” but Rebecca Black has moved on, with “The Great Divide.” Her brand new song is a bit more mature, and her vocals are totally top notch.

It just proves that anyone can stand up, brush themselves off, and continue on. Black, who was 13 going on 14 when “Friday” was released in 2011 and is 19 now, never stopped singing — even though the internet was buzzing with negativity over her music video.

Black turned the attention into a good thing. In fact, she released a sequel to the song, “Saturday,” in 2013.

But judging by this performance of her latest track, “The Great Divide,” it’s obvious that she’s put it all behind her, and is ready to truly be taken seriously as an artist.

Girl has an incredible pair of pipes on her, and watching her live is a totally rewarding experience. Check it out for yourself.

Well, it’s official — this song is going to be stuck in our heads for months.

Singing live is no easy feat, and by pulling off this performance for People NOW, Black proves she has what it takes to make it in the industry.

Black has been promoting this particular song for a few months. In fact, the official video for “The Great Divide” debuted back in September — and it launched officially through Billboard, which is a pretty big accomplishment.

The video is a huge step forward, and is visual proof that she’s grown up so much since we were first introduced to her.

We’re loving the fact that even with a tarnished start, Rebecca Black is truly showing the world what she’s made of. In fact, she’s become such an incredible success story, that she’s pretty much an inspiration to all of us.