Rebecca Black Dropped a Remix Video of “Friday,” and the Internet Is Going Wild

Happy 10 years to the best earworm ever!

If you’re not stanning Rebecca Black in 2021, then you’re not doing the new decade correctly. Black, who may be best known for her “most hated” music video, “Friday,” has made a complete 180 and re-entered the music industry as a indie-pop icon. But Black will never forget her roots. Today she released a “Friday” remix featuring Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and 3OH!3 to celebrate 10 years of her iconic song.

“I’d had the idea to do this remix of ‘Friday’ for years leading up to now, but honestly it was also mildly insane for me to think anyone else would want to be a part of it,” Black in a statement to NME. “As I started talking about it with other artists and producers, I couldn’t believe how stoked people were about it. I am thrilled to have some of my favorite artists (and people) as a part of this moment.”

And this moment just so happens to be the 10th anniversary of Friday’s 2011 release.

The original song and music video was assigned to Black by a company that specialized in giving kids the experience of being a singer—and as Black explained in a video for Vice, she never saw any cut of the video before it was uploaded to YouTube. The music video quickly went viral, and 10 years later, it sits at a comfortable 140 million views.

Despite the hate and bullying Black received for “Friday,” she turned lemons into lemonade and flipped her fame from negative to positive. She’s released several hit songs, including a followup to “Friday” called “Saturday,” which is a more mature take on the OG weekend must-play.

And now, “Friday” is back in full force with this Dylan Brady-produced remix. The video also dropped today, and the song is currently available to stream on all platforms.

And obviously, everyone is losing their freaking minds.

And just for fun, let’s relive the original video in celebration.

If and when we’re able to pull out the Cotton Eye Joe, the Crank That, and whatever other heinous dances we were doing in the 2010s, at the club post-COVID, you know we’ll be requesting the ish out of “Friday (Remix).”

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