Why You Need to Get Excited About ‘A to Z’

A little over a month ago, Vulture gave me (and the rest of the Internet) a heads up that NBC had the pilot episode for a series called A to Z available to stream from their website. The series officially starts today (October 2nd) on NBC, and being a long-term sucker for their infamous Thursday lineup, I spent the next 30 minutes watching the pilot.

Then I watched it again. Still cute.

One more time after that. Adorable!

Then it became this go-to to have on as calming background noise whenever I was at work. That seldom happens with me and the first episode of a TV series, so you know it’s gotta be good! I must have been accountable for half the views that were logged on NBC.com in the last month and a half. Why did I already know I loved this show? And why should you drop everything you’re doing tonight and watch it or stream it the morning after?

Let’s talk about this storyline

This is a story of boy meets girl and everything that happens in between. Andrew Lofland is a hopeless romantic who works at an online dating company and Zelda Vasco is a lawyer who sees relationships in black and white with no nonsense in between. Opposites attract, sparks fly at first sight, and these two are way perfect for each other, but the kicker is what the narrator states right before the opening credits roll: their story is the account of a relationship that only lasts for a little over eight months.

The reason it feels so right

I’m really into the idea of watching a series where you’re told from the get-go that the meet-cute couple you’re introduced to is doomed from the start. That doesn’t happen often on TV. We’re pretty used to seeing relationships with the “will they or won’t they” storyline stretched thin over the course of several seasons. By the time the series wraps up, there’s been a ton of events and people who have come into the lives of the couple you were originally rooting for to be together. Circumstance strips them of naiveté and they grow up. Kind of how, I don’t know, real life works? We’re getting a set timeline for this one and it’s gonna chronicle the good, the bad, and the texting/Facebook-friending/tweeting that this coupling faces.

Still, there’s that whole eight-month relationship lifespan thing. Cue my heart breaking and my brain reenacting Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” here. At the same time, my ever-present inner optimist refuses to believe that this is not a relationship that will crash and burn. I have my fingers crossed that everything works out and love will triumph against the odds!

The two lead actors are perfection

(Images courtesy of NBC.com and Reelz)

Ben Feldman, who portrays Andew, already sold me when he played “Teenage Dream” on a ukulele for Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project. Even as the slightly dorky Michael Ginsberg on Mad Men, I was still here for it. I’m 100% ready for Mr. Feldman to play the super romantic bf of my every girl’s dreams.

Cristin Milioti as Zelda is perfect. Her role as Tracy McConnell (AKA “the mother”) on How I Met Your Mother never lasted long enough to me. I needed seasons upon seasons of her in that role, forever and ever. I’m beyond stoked to see her let her walls down for love, no matter how tough it may be!

Did I mention Rashida Jones is an executive producer on this show?

Because she is and she is way passionate about the entire cast and the series.

Tune in tonight, October 2nd on NBC, 9:30/8:30 CT. Your couch/bed/wherever you watch TV. Give me ALL the romance because I am ready for it!

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