6 reasons being super sensitive actually makes you stronger

If you’re a sensitive person, you’ve probably heard the phrases “calm down” and “don’t take everything so seriously” a lot throughout your life — and that can be incredibly frustrating. The message that being sensitive is somehow a bad thing is everywhere, yet being sensitive makes you stronger in so. Many. Ways.

Take your friendships, for instance. Who’s the person everyone in your friend group comes to when they’re going through a breakup? We’re willing to be that’s you — because being sensitive makes you an amazing listener, and a strong advocate for your friends.

There are so many other reasons being a highly sensitive person actually makes you stronger (and 1 in 5 of us are indeed highly sensitive). So read on and be inspired.

1. You’re crazy creative.

According to psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron, who coined the term Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP), people with this personality type tend to be alert to details that others might miss and experience their emotions very deeply, making them more likely to be creative. Whether you’re a writer, counselor, investigator, or artist, your creativity is invaluable and your contributions at work make you a strong asset.

2. As a parent, you’re hyper-aware of your children’s needs and emotions.

Your super sensitivity makes you super strong as a parent, since you’re keenly aware of the way your child is experiencing their emotions. Plus, your attention to small details means you never miss the meaning behind a whine, cry, or glance.

3. You’re a rock when your friends are in emotional pain.

Like we said before, being a sensitive person means you’re a great listener — and therefore a great friend. And because you feel your emotions deeply, you can empathize better than most when your friends are in pain. This is a beautiful thing because you can stand strong for your friends when they can’t be strong for themselves.

4. Your intuition is on point.

HSPs tend to be highly intuitive, meaning you can sense when a situation is not right (though you may struggle not to leap to the darkest conclusions). When you’re able to tune in — and trust yourself — you can be the strongest asset in a situation that’s going sideways, whether that’s a project at work or your own relationship.

5. You notice the little details.

For HSPs, things like smell, temperature, and sound are experienced in sharp relief, meaning the strong perfume that might be somewhat irritating to you is probably driving your HSP friend bananas. The good news about noticing these details, though, is that you’re aware of the changes going on around you and among your peers. That makes you not only a great friend — you’re always the first to notice, and compliment, someone’s new haircut — but it also means you see beauty everywhere and celebrate it deeply.

6. You’re an amazing collaborator.

Being attuned to the emotions of those around you — and, of course, your own emotions — allows you to manage groups effectively. HSPs can better balance all interests in a situation and bring people together by communicating effectively, being creative, and showing appreciation for everyone’s contributions.