6 reasons summer is the perfect time to take a break from dating

While everyone else is dead set on finding a summer fling, it’s possible that you’re totally cool with vibin’ solo. That’s because summer is the perfect time to take a dating break. Self-imposed solitude at a time when your friends are feeling frisky as ever could possibly earn you some sideways glances of confusion, but at least you won’t have to spend time worrying about whether your relationship will last through the summer. (No shade intended.)

Anyway, despite what your squad thinks about your seasonal sabbatical, you choose to ignore their whispers of why relationships that start in the summer are the best because the last thing you want to do is get involved with someone.

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Seriously, who has time for all that drama? Instead of planning a date, you’ll be busy clearing your mind by basking in the sun and celebrating all the reasons why not dating in the summer is the best decision you could’ve ever made.

1Travel when, where, and how you like.

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Wanna take a spontaneous road trip up the coast? Go for it! If you’re single AF during the summer, there’s absolutely no pressure to split the precious sunny days you have waiting for your bae’s schedule to line up with yours. When you’re rolling by yourself, you can plan your trip, pack up and go without giving consideration to how a romantic partner feels about the destination, the itinerary, or your travel partners.

2 You avoid the pressure of rushing into a relationship.

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Summer only lasts a few months, which puts a ton of pressure on those who are planning to meet someone before the seasonal thrill is gone. On the other hand, sitting out the summer dating frenzy helps you avoid all the pitfalls of moving too fast with someone you hardly know.

3No summer heartbreak.

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To which we say, hell yes and thank you! Absolutely no one wants to be voluntarily closed up in a dark room, ugly crying, cursing life, and avoiding no contact with the outside world (and helllooo, the sun) until they feel good enough to go out and be great again (which feels like it will never, ever happen).

The time it takes a broken heart to mend varies, so we totally get why those who put the pause on summer flings choose the safer, less traumatic route.

4You have time to make more friends.

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By keeping things light and just focusing on friendships instead of intense love affairs, you give yourself a better chance of making more meaningful, long-lasting connections that will still be there when the summer comes to an end.

5Avoid being a heartbreaker.

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Say you’re in it just for the fun of things, which is not only totally fine, but highly encouraged. Unfortunately, the person you thought you were casually hanging out with starts to develop stronger feelings than either of you anticipated. Now you’re faced with the prospect of ruining someone else’s good time by letting them know it’s just a summer fling. #bummer

6Your cuffing season was a huge fail.

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If cozying up to a temporary boo didn’t work for you during the winter months, you have serious doubts that results will improve just because of this heat-induced horniness. Needless to say, you’re totally off the trend of allowing the seasons to dictate your love life.

Now, get out there and enjoy your summer! While you’re at it, be sure to indulge in all the fun summer activities you can stand, and feel no shame about doing so without any romantic prospects. If and when that special someone enters your life, it’ll be because you’re ready for it to happen, and not because some annual dating craze says you should be.