All the Reasons Steve Carell Is Seriously Overdue for an Award

You know how The Office was this huge cultural phenomenon and Steve Carell as Michael Scott was the glue that held it all together? Well, did you also know Steve Carell never won an Emmy for playing that role? That’s one of those things I say every year when I watch the Emmys (though this year I might be saying, “remember when Tony Hale won and I felt intense pride and joy even though he is a stranger?”).

Steve Carell’s ability to make you LIKE and even ROOT FOR Michael Scott is, I’m sorry, breathtaking. That character could be insufferable. He could be just an annoying boss and instead, Steve Carell brought this tender sweetness to the role that I don’t think anyone else could have pulled off. He did win a Golden Globe in 2006 for playing Michael Scott, which is mostly impressive since that was right when the series began. But that’s pretty much it on the awards for Steve Carell which is a travesty. Seriously. And so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that there’s Oscar buzz surrounding a role that we normal people won’t even get to see until November when Foxcatcher comes out.

The reviews from Cannes are already amazing and I definitely can’t wait to see this movie and his performance. Watch the teaser trailer and then come back to me.

Did you watch it? Okay great. So hopefully 2015 will see Steve Carell earning some attention for his amazing performances. Here are some that were seriously overlooked or, at least, just great performances:

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Okay, no, I’m not saying this should have earned Steve Carell an Oscar nomination or anything but if you watch Brick’s funeral and don’t DIE LAUGHING (get it?) you’re crazy.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

When this movie came out in 2005 I believe I said to my boyfriend, “ugh, do we have to go see this? It’s probably going to be dumb.” And then I saw the movie and kicked myself because it was amazing. (Don’t worry, I was desperate to see Neighbors and he didn’t really care about it and he ended up loving it so we’re even now.) But it’s amazing because of Steve Carell. There is a way to do that role (much like Michael Scott) and be just creepy and terrible and he brings such heart to the role that you can’t help but get emotionally invested. Doesn’t hurt it’s just a really funny movie with great performances all around but some recognition for this would have been great.

Dan In Real Life

I was pretty ready to fall in love with this movie mostly because it featured music by one of my favorites, Sondre Lerche. (If you don’t know his music, check it out!) But Steve Carell is also great in this as a widower who accidentally falls for his brother’s girlfriend. (He didn’t know! He met her at a bookstore first!) Little Miss Sunshine

Steve Carell as Toni Collette’s gay brother who just had a suicide attempt is brilliant. I could keep saying the same things I’ve been saying about Steve Carell or we could just make sure he gets an award soon.

What are your favorite Steve Carell roles?

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