15 reasons why short people rock this world

Every short person has that moment when they look around and realize that they have to start looking up instead. Because every single person around them is a giant. What follows is a lot of climbing up shelves to reach things, explaining that you’re not as young as you look, and having to hem all the pants that are way too long for your legs.

In spite of all that, being short is pretty amazing. Being short is a superpower. Let’s discuss 15 reasons why…

1. You can get away with buying kids’ shoes and apparel (which are cheaper).


2. You can fit into small, cozy spaces – so you can basically nap anywhere and at any time.


3. You can easily make your way through a crowd by ducking around everyone.


4. People will think you’re younger than you actually are. You’ve found the Fountain of Youth.


5. You’ll never bump your head on anything.


6. Someone else can work to get that thing on the top shelf for you.


7. You often get to be the small spoon (aka the BEST spoon).


8. You’ll never feel “too tall” when you wear heels.


9. You’re GREAT at limbo.


10. You have less leg to wash, shave, and moisturize. So you’re essentially saving money in the long run.


11. You’ve gained so much strength from climbing things and powerwalking to keep up with your friends.


12. You can easily turn a long shirt into a dress. TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.


13. You have all the leg room.


14. You don’t have to crane your neck or bend your back as much when you want to look down.


15. You get to prove to people that even though you’re small, you’re still a badass.

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