5 reasons October is the perfect time to take a weekend away by yourself

Many of us contemplate taking a solo trip but never follow through on the plans to go it alone. But now that fall is officially here, we’d like to point out that this season offers some extra motivation to cross a refreshing fall weekend trip off the old travel bucket list. The trusty internet has already narrowed down some of the best places to travel in October, so all you have to do is pack your bag, book a flight and hotel, or gas up the ride and hit the road for some much-needed ~me time~. If you want to experience the the benefits of traveling alone, we couldn’t think of a more perfect time to just go for it.

While everyone else is breathing a huge sigh of relief at the arrival of cooler temps or busy trying to figure out what to wear to all the Halloween parties they plan to attend, you’ll be somewhere giddily making room in your schedule for an October getaway all by your lonesome. Honestly, there’s something about the first full month of fall that practically begs us to steal a couple of days away from all the familiar faces and places we encounter every day.

Start the season off with a one-person adventure because October is the perfect time to take a weekend away by yourself.

1Travel bargains are plentiful.

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It just so happens that this most lovely 10th month of the year is perfect time to take a quick weekend getaway without completely draining your bank account. No pressure to have someone tag along just to help you split the cost of accommodations. Check out some of these incredibly cheap flight deals in October to help you hone in on your ideal solo itinerary.

2There’s no holiday crowd.

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Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’re not likely to encounter hordes of people at the airport willing to swap their first born and a limb to make it home in time for Halloween. The thought of enjoying a row on the plane all to ourselves has us ready to book a flight immediately.

3Travel can provide a much-needed seasonal pick-me-up.

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While many people welcome fall with open arms, it leaves millions feeling utterly depressed. According to WebMD, most people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) start to experience symptoms around September and October due to shortened days, which naturally reduce our exposure to light.

It’s not a cure for mental illness, but in some cases, traveling can ease the symptoms of depression by temporarily taking you away from some of your triggers and offering you a fresh new perspective on life.

4You can get some time away before the holidays.

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And trust us: We know you need it. With the flurry of festive activities coming up, this will probably be the last time you can grab a little alone time before the year ends. Taking some time away now will allow you to center yourself and mentally prepare to spend a LOT of time with the family, so you’ll have something pleasant to daydream about during those awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations (in case your drink isn’t stiff enough).

Instead of shopping for Christmas gifts and planning holiday parties like a stressed out ball of anxiety, you can breeze into the intensity of the holiday season thanks to the state of zen you achieved from your refreshing solo trip.

5A guilt-free solo escape is more feasible in October.

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Sometimes when you wanna do the solo travel thing by yourself, you might feel pressured to extend invites when you really just want to have some chill time to yourself. But since most of your friends and family are probably stacking money and PTO in order to travel during the holidays, you’re less likely to leave anyone feeling snubbed when you dip out for a two-day jaunt on your own.

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