6 reasons morning sex is hands down the greatest sex there is

For the most part, sex at any time of the day has the potential to be good, or even great. But morning sex is the greatest, hands down. There’s something so decadent about starting off the day with sex — and there are actual studies that show it’s really good for you. If anything, it kinda lessens the blow when you open your eyes all groggy and realize it’s only Tuesday.

Honestly, what’s not to love about morning sex?

Whether you’re with your long-term partner or the person you picked up at the bar the night before, it’s worth putting aside any qualms about stinky morning breath and curling up with another person. (Morning masturbation is also highly recommended by the experts, by the way, if you have time for that sort of thing.)

For starters, most men are usually aroused in the morning, since testosterone builds up overnight, but for women it varies. Some find it easier to orgasm in the morning, while others have trouble relaxing, knowing that the snooze button will only last for so much longer. By the way, it’s also a human tradition. According to the BBC, there is a French manual from the 1500s that encourages couples to bone in the morning, since it’s likely they’ll “do it better” and “have more enjoyment” after resting.

Here are some other reasons morning sex is the way to go.

1It’s more intimate.

For some reason, morning sex always feels a little more intimate than night sex, right? Maybe it’s because you’re still not really sure what’s going on yet, or you already have most of your clothes off. You also just spent the night possibly drooling and snoring next to each other and still want to bang. That’s so romantic!

2You can fact-check your instincts.

When it comes to one-night stands that might have occurred after a night of drinking (it happens), the first round often doesn’t cut it. It’s nice to wake up and see, hopefully, that you made a good choice. If you didn’t quite get off the night before or it’s a little foggy, you get a second chance (and something to think about later in the day).

3You can be lazy.

You should always be working hard when it comes to sex, but in the morning, you can work smarter. Nothing is more comfortable than a bed when you first wake up, and for morning sex, you don’t really have to even get out from under the covers until it starts to get too steamy.

4You’ll be happy all day.

Sex is a known stress reliever. Studies have found that people who get at it in the morning have better moods throughout the week. Yes, you read that right. Researchers from the University of Cincinnati found that effects of morning sex last up to seven days. So who needs a 7 a.m. hot yoga class when you can get the same thing from doggy style?

5You can skip the gym.

Really, it’s the perfect morning routine. Like exercise, it improves our moods and burns calories. Sex can burn as many calories as a 30-minute run, so it’s a win-win. According to researchers from the University of Quebec, men burn about 120 calories and women 90 calories during a half hour of sex, and they all ostensibly have infinitely more fun than they would huffing it on the treadmill.

6You can brag about it at work.

Nothing brings more pleasure — well, besides getting laid in the morning — than boasting about your morning sex. When a coworker comments on your glowing skin or perky mood, being able to say, “That’s because I had great morning sex,” is way too much fun. Even if you just say it to yourself and get a good flashback.

For anyone out that there wondering when is the best time to get it on, it’s definitely morning. Hey, if it was good enough for our ancestors, then it’s good enough for us.

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