15 reasons why you definitely need this vintage “Friends” handbag


PSA: This bag exists. You can buy it on Etsy for $30. And here’s why you really, really should get it:

1. To store your Moist Maker sandwich.

2. To keep your Pottery Barn catalog handy should you need to order another apothecary table.

3. Because it could not BE any cuter.

4. To store an extra pair of leggings on the off-chance your leather pants become un-wearable.

5. To keep a plastic fork, ever-ready to eat cheesecake off the floor.

6. So you don’t have a bulky carry-on for your flight to Yemen.

7. It’s the perfect size to tote around that prom video. (Recommended: Attaché case for VCR accompaniment.)

8. Because when you get sick of it, Smelly Cat can use it as a hat.

9. It’s the perfect thing to wear to your interview at Ralph Lauren.

10. You will never want to take a break with this purse.

11. This purse could be your lobster.

12. Even when you pivot, this purse looks great from any angle.

13. Mike Hannigan would love this purse.

14. It’s the perfect accessory for any touch-football game.

15. Because this purse will be there for you.

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