21 reasons we can’t help but love our cats — even when they’re jerks

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

Because even though they sometimes act a bit stand-offish …

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… Deep down they can be major softies.

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Because sometimes they REALLY want to be left alone …

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… And other times they simply CANNOT be away from you.

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They are brave little adventurers …

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… Who are also afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

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They are spring-loaded containers of energy …

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… Who can chill harder than anyone around.

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Because they know how to use boxes for good …

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… and evil.

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They can stretch very tall …

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… or melt into a puddle.Because they hate bath water …

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… But, for some reason, LOVE sink water.

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They can be very helpful …

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… And very distracting.

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They are regal and majestic creatures …

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… occasionally.

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Because they can be mortal enemies with the dog one minute …

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… And life-long cuddle-buddies the next.

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Most importantly, they steal our hearts because, for all their mischievous and baffling behavior, they’re our BFFs for life.

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