Here’s the real reason why the Statue of Liberty went dark last night

East coasters saw a very rare phenomenon last night. The Statue of Liberty in New York City strangely went dark for a short period of time. Because of the current political climate and International Women’s Day, many people thought that the outage was a symbolic statement. So they were immediately entranced by the rare sight.

But the National Parks Service issued a formal response as to why Lady Liberty lost her lights.

And it has nothing to do with politics.

According to the organization, the darkness on the iconic statue was simply due to a power outage. Though people had all sorts of interesting theories thanks to the timing of outage, the service has assured everyone that it was because of ongoing construction in the area. The lights went off because they were working with a backup emergency generator.

Of course, the incredible timing of the outage wasn’t lost on people.

Lots of onlookers decided to take Lady Liberty’s disappearance from the night sky as a symbol of her standing in solidarity. For them, it seemed too meaningful to ignore.

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For many people, it doesn’t matter that the outage was simply accidental.

We get that sometimes these things happen. But it’s certainly fascinating something like this happens the day before a major women’s strike.

But whether or not this was truly a coincidence, the symbolism remains powerful. And as we celebrate women this month and especially today, it remains important to remember the symbolism of the beautiful Statue of Liberty.