The reason why most people cheat is a serious heartbreaker

No matter which way you slice it, deciding to cheat on your partner is never okay. It never leads to a happy ending. When researchers asked a group of 495 adults if they had ever cheated, and why they did so, the top answer was incredibly sad.

The study, published in The Journal of Sex Research, found that 77% of participants strayed because of “lack of love.” Oof — that feels like an arrow through the heart. Researchers also found that 74% of participants cheated to experience a variety of sexual partners. And 70% cheated due to feeling neglected. Another 70% said they cheated because they were drunk.

Others looked elsewhere out of anger, or to boost their self-esteem. And some cheated because they were just looking for physical sex or didn’t feel a commitment to their partner.

According to, the study revealed that men were more likely to cheat based on the situation and desire for sexual variety. Women, on the other hand, cheated when they felt ignored.

Authors of the study, Dylan Selterman, Justin R. Garcia, and Irene Tsapelas wrote, "Consistent with predictions, attachment insecurity was associated with motivations of anger, lack of love, neglect, low commitment, and esteem, while unrestricted sociosexual orientation was associated with sexual variety."

Individual personality also has a lot to do with a person’s motivations to be unfaithful. The authors note that their findings move “beyond relationship deficit models of infidelity.”

Honestly, if you have any motivation to cheat, just call the relationship off before you make any moves. You’ll be saving your partner and yourself a lot of emotional turmoil.

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