The reason why Joseph Gordon-Levitt visited Harvard and took off his pants

No, JGL faithful, our man’s recent pantless appearance at an Ivy League school is thankfully not the first step of a new Hollywood meltdown. Instead, the beloved independent actor was taking part in an honored tradition as the recipient of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatrical’s 50th Man of the Year honor.

Awarded annually since 1967, when Bob Hope took home the prize, this honor puts Joseph Gordon-Levitt in great company, with storied comedians such as Alan Alda, Billy Crystal, and Robin Williams. The actor seemed determine to soak in the experience this week, spending several days at Harvard before the main event- an outdoor roast and obstacle course, plus several inches of snow. The members of Hasty Pudding were determined to put Joseph through his paces, requiring him to perform in many bizarre and silly activities, including milking a cow and performing a sexy dance. The real highlight, however, came when Gordon-Levitt enthusiastically stripped down to undies and mismatched socks for the crowd.  

The Harvard Gazette reported that Gordon-Levitt had some kind words for the crowd after accepting a key to the city from Mayor E. Denise Simmons and receiving the coveted Pudding Pot. “I spent the last two days here,” he shared “There’s a thoughtfulness, optimism, passion, worldliness, sense of humor that leaves me feeling optimistic about people younger than I am. You guys are really doing great.”

So what’s next for the game-for-anything star? Prepare yourself for this one: a super-secret musical comedy with long-time buddy Channing Tatum. Little is known about the confidential project, which has been in the works for ages. The film isn’t a far-fetched fantasy for the two multi-talented leading men anymore; according to E! Online, producers Marc Platt and Adam Siegel as well as screenwriter Michael Bacall are all attached.

Is it too much to hope for a few strip/dance scenes?