Elle Fanning’s reason for going barefoot at the airport totally makes sense

Flying across the country is basically magic. You’re in New York City, board a giant steel flying machine, sit in a comfy chair, watch endless movies or TV shows, drink endless beverages someone physically sets in front of you, take a nap or two, and then wake up in Los Angeles. Yup, it’s sorcery.

But just because you can fly across the entire country in six hours (before airplanes, it took like ten years and a lot of death along the way, as Louis C.K. so eloquently put), that doesn’t mean you don’t get super gassy and your limbs don’t swell.

That seems to be exactly what happened to Elle Fanning on her flight from NYC to LA on Tuesday.


Yesterday, we reported that after Fanning’s flight, she strolled through the Los Angeles airport barefoot, and we were confused. You know, because of germs and other dangerous hazards airport floors might contain.

Then, things made more sense when Fanning took to Instagram to explain why she decided to not wear any shoes at LAX – and we totally get it.

"Strolling LAX barefoot. Feet too swollen and blistered to cram in my heels. No backup shoes in my carry on. #freethefoot"

Girrrrrrrl, we’ve all be there. Backup shoes are a necessity when traveling, especially when you’re wearing heals. But sometimes, life gets in the way and you don’t think to pack them — so what else is there to do but go barefoot?

She seems to have made it through the airport safely and with no cuts or abrasions on her feet, so this is clearly a lesson to everyone. When in doubt, #freethefoot. Or pack an extra pair of shoes.

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