Here’s the totally important reason Elizabeth Banks won’t be directing “Pitch Perfect 3”

We were super bummed when we heard that Elizabeth Banks would no longer be directing Pitch Perfect 3, but now that we know the reason behind her departure, we totally understand her decision.

On Friday, Banks announced that she won’t be directing the third installment of the brilliantly funny musical franchise, and fans are already mourning the loss (she also directed Pitch Perfect 2). false

At the PGA Produced By conference on Saturday, Banks explained her sincere reasoning behind her decision to stay on as a producer of the film and to return as Gail, but not to direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“It was all timing,” she said. “We feel obligated to put out the best movie and anyone who has done sequels, this third one is hard to figure out what the story is. We want to give the audience what it wants but not making it repetitive.” Unfortunately, with her responsibilities as a working mom, she just doesn’t have the time to do it all.

“We have been in development, and it took longer than we thought. And I needed to shoot another movie in the summer, and I can’t shoot it in the fall because it butts up against our kids’ stuff in a way that I wasn’t comfortable with.”

Sounds like a good enough reason to us.

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