The reason why this couple got married a year earlier than planned will destroy you

A wedding is a time of epic celebration and joy that’s all about family. So when 26-year-old Tyler Crosby realized his mother might not be around to see him marry his longtime girlfriend Amanda, he decided to speed things up.

Crosby and Amanda had plans to get hitched in the fall of next year, but the plans changed when Crosby found out his mother, Dot, has Stage 3 breast cancer. The thought of his mother not being present for the ceremony was too much, and Crosby did everything he could to make sure that didn’t happen. First, he moved up his engagement, and then the couple moved up their wedding date, making special accommodations for 48-year-old Dot to be present for the big day.

Dot was brought to the ceremony near Lakeland, Fla. in an ambulance and seated in a special chair in front, right where she could see her only son get married. According to Crosby’s sister, Tory, Dot “jumped right up and was elated beyond belief” when she saw the bride walking down the aisle. After the ceremony, Dot and her son even got to have their mother-son dance, with Dot in her wheelchair. The scene had the entire wedding party welling up with tears, overwhelmed at her joy in being there for her son’s special day.

As if that weren’t enough, wedding guests received a small tattoo of a dot on their hands to keep Dot’s memory alive.  We are so glad that Crosby moved heaven and earth to ensure that he got to share this magical day with the woman who gave him life.

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