These hyper-realistic celebrity dolls are freaking us out!

We’ve all seen celebrity dolls before, but none this amazing! Instagram user Cyguy832, whose real name is Cyrus and who happens to be Jay Duplass’ cousin, because of course he is, is creating celebrity lookalike dolls out of Barbies that are blowing our minds.

Naturally, there’s Adele:

Vintage silver screen siren Katharine Hepburn:

Taylor (of course):

And lots and LOTS of Madonna from all different style eras:

We seriously can’t believe the level of detail and uncanny accuracy of each of these dolls. Cyrus manages to nail not only their more distinctive features (like Madonna’s celebrated beauty mark) but also the nuances of their facial proportions and expressions. It’s a truly impressive craft, and Cyrus is a slave to detail.

According to an interview with Wired, Cyrus responsible for every step of the process, from sewing the dolls outfits and building backdrops to the intricate paint jobs required to turn basic dolls into superstars. Even the most basic dolls take at least a week, with more complex jobs requiring several weeks of hard, detailed work.

“It has basically taken over my life,” Cyrus admitted. “They sell well and my profession as a doll artist, creator, mad scientist is something that I am really passionate about.” He’s not kidding about the celebrity dolls selling well; according to Wired, the dolls often sell for between $250-$1500, and there’s a long waiting list (an Adele doll is up for auction on eBay for $197.50 right now, so strike while the iron is hot!)

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