These real women just got reimagined as Disney princesses

We’re grown pretty accustomed to seeing Disney princesses reimagined in new and different ways. After all, we’ve gotten a glimpse of Cinderella and crew with tattoos, realistic waistlines and as hot dogs. (Yeah, you heard me. Hot dogs.) The list goes on. And on.

But now in a little twist on the theme, instead of portraying Disney princesses as real women, BuzzFeed hired a Disney illustrator to reimagine the opposite: real women as Disney princesses. We love it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see herself Disney-fied? (Idea: Disney filter on Instagram. Get on it, IG!)

In the video below, Disney artist John Ramirez chats with four women who, for various reasons, have never identified with any particular Disney princess. Then he draws them in full animated glory as a curvy princess, a princess from India, a Filipino fairy and a Cuban mermaid. There are piercings and rainbow hair colors and cartoon pugs. It’s pretty amazing. Take a peek, and then maybe imagine what you’d look like sliding your foot into a glass slipper. (Spoiler alert: you’d look awesome.)

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