Real Techniques is releasing brushes inspired by — wait for it — blue squirrels

Normally, we associate squirrels as the small overlords of our local park, or the cute subjects of a Geico commercial. But now, our associations can expand into the world of beauty because Real Techniques is releasing brushes inspired by blue squirrels, according to Refinery29. We’re hoping this will usher in a new beauty trend where squirrels strut down the red carpet in the latest brands. It will take time, but we have faith.

Make no mistake, the up and coming Powder Bleu brush collection from Real Techniques won’t actually be tested on or contain blue squirrel hair, as that would be unethical and gross. However, the six-piece collection is all designed in the trademark dusty blue shade of the squirrels themselves.

We think the squirrels would be proud if they realized they inspired such beauty.

Refinery29 notes that the six-piece set includes a powder brush, a complexion brush to make your skin even, a finishing brush to apply highlighter with, a kabuki brush for your blending needs, a fan brush, and a puff, which is by far the most squirrel-like of the brushes.

The gorgeous Powder Bleu set will be released sometime in July. We’re still waiting on an exact date!

We can’t wait til all these animal-inspired brushes are released on the Real Techniques website.