In less than a week, you can shop the Real Techniques brush set that was inspired by blue squirrels

When we first heard about the Real Techniques blue squirrel concept, we’ll admit we were instantly excited. First off, we never really knew that a blue-tailed squirrel existed, and a simple Google search left us bewildered and amazed, not to mention a little confused.

The Real Techniques brush set is a gorgeous six-piece brush collection, which features the perfect tint of royal blue. But just in case you were wondering, no blue-tailed squirrels were actually hurt to make these brushes, as all Real Techniques brushes are both synthetic and proudly cruelty-free.

As the Real Technique brand kept teasing their Powder Bleu collection on Instagram, we became hungry for more details, especially since the ultra-luxe powder brushes look like any beauty lover’s dream.

As the brand has offered an even closer look at their base brushes, it’s totally hard not to be obsessed. We can only imagine how gorgeous these brushes will look on our vanity.

The six-piece set includes a powder brush, finishing brush, complexion brush, kabuki brush, fan brush, and puff.

The Real Techniques Powder Bleu collection will launch July 1st on the brand’s website. Until then, we’re going to keep dreaming of some future animal-inspired brushes Real Techniques can create next. For reals y’all, fox tail or even peacock feather brushes would seriously be the coolest!