The real reason why Eliza Dushku wasn’t at the “Buffy” reunion will make you sad

You could hear everyone in the HG office cheering from down the block when we found out there was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion — until we noticed Eliza Dushku was missing. Dushku, for those who need a quick refresher, played Faith, another Slayer on the beloved TV show back in the late ’90s/early ’00s. She was a pretty integral character, too, so when most of the cast got together this month to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary with Entertainment Weekly, her absence was definitely noted.

Dushku appeared as Faith on the show beginning in Season 3, and continued to appear on and off until the series ended in 2003. Despite that, she was never considered a series regular, and explained in a recent tweet that her “guest star” status kept her from attending the reunion.

Honestly, she doesn’t seem super pleased about the lack of an invitation — and can you blame her? She pushed the series in new directions, challenging Buffy’s authority as Slayer and complicating life in Sunnydale with her dark tendencies (e.g. trying to kill Buffy and Angel, and helping evil forces rise to power). Without her, Buffy wouldn’t have been nearly as multifaceted, so we’re definitely disappointed on her behalf.

Sarah Michelle Gellar touched on Dushku’s absence from the reunion in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this week. She only said, though, that she wasn’t sure what kept Dushku from attending.

"I don’t know about Eliza. I didn’t control — I think there was just so many people, it was hard enough."

Maybe next time Gellar can use a little of her Slayer strength to muscle an invitation for her one-time nemesis. Dreams do come true, right?!