Here’s who the real Piper wants as her ‘OITNB’ love interest

The third season of Netflix’s smash hit Orange is the New Black dropped over the weekend, and for many the binging is already complete. The story of Piper Chapman’s prison sentence and the amazing women she meets behind bars has been a runaway favorite for both audiences and critics. One person who’s been binging along with the rest of us? Piper Kerman. Kerman is the woman who wrote the memoir that launched OITNB and, yup, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is her fictional alter ego. Now that the series has completely broken with Kerman’s own memoir about her time in prison, she remains a fan of the series, and has a few ideas about where the story should go — including who fictional Piper should date next.

“I am really hoping that Piper and Big Boo get together! I am a huge Lea DeLaria fan. I think that would be hot!” She told People.

“Jenji [Kohan, the creator,] is taking the show in so many interesting directions and I watch with great curiosity,” she also added.

Kerman also gave some great shout-outs to the incredible women in the cast: “I am so impressed by Natasha Lyonne‘s depiction of Nicky – she just brings so much soul to it,” Kerman said. “And I am ecstatic about the way Laverne Cox inhabits that incredible character of Sophia. Of course there was a transgender woman in prison with me that is depicted in the book. So that is a fascinating example of how the adaptation process works, which is so interesting and important.”

Kerman is also interested in seeing where the relationship between Piper and Alex (Laura Prepon) goes as the show moves forward, in part because the story has now departed completely from Kerman’s own experiences. Also, imagine for a millisecond how bizarre it would be to see a fictionalized version of your life on TV: SO bizarre.

So, Piper and Big Boo eh? That’s a pairing that not many would expect to take place at Litchfield, but who are we to fight with Piper herself? Hear that, Netflix? Let’s make it happen!

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