A real life Wall-E robot exists and it’s adorable

If you totally fell in love with the robots of Wall-E while they were falling in love with each other (as we all did), you’ll be a big fan of this real-life robot named Cozmo. He’s like the modern-day version of a Furby (except even smarter and without all the fur).

Cozmo was designed by the company Anki to remind you of all your favorite Hollywood robots rolled into one. But it doesn’t just help you out with physical tasks like what many other real-life robots tend to do. It’s specifically created to get to know you (thanks to a facial recognition camera) and to play with you (thanks to its delightful playful programming).

I mean, we already assumed robots had personalities (and saw them play out regularly in our favorite movies), but we hadn’t yet gotten to experience robot emotions IRL. And if Wall-E showed us anything, it’s that they’re just as touching as regular human emotions and our world needs more of them.


The visionaries behind Cozmo collaborated with animators, mechanical engineers, game designers, Artificial Intelligence experts, and sound and robotics engineers, and many others to create literally the most adorable little robotic sidekick the world has ever known.

Don’t be fooled by his tiny stature. Cozmo is packed to the gills with the most technologically advanced playful spirit that humans have ever created. In the behind-the-scenes video posted by the creator, he’s described as “a rambunctious little kid” and “a little bit mischievous,” which is already really intriguing. The designers also say, “He’s a little character because he actually understands who you are and what role you play in his world.”

And if all that weren’t enough, you should know that he even snores while taking absolutely adorable naps. I mean, come on! An adorable, personality-filled, snoring little sidekick robot! Has anything ever been so heart-meltingly cute (other than, maybe, looking at dog pictures or playing cute dog-related games)?

Cozmo is changing the face of robots one super charming little robot giggle at a time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=