The “Gilmore Girls” festival is doing something ah-MAZING for the real-life Stars Hollow

A Gilmore Girls Fan Festival is happening and we are BESIDES OURSELVES WITH EXCITEMENT.

The fan-run festival will take place in late October, roughly one month before Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life drops onto Netflix. It’ll be three days of all Gilmore Girls all the time, and even better, attendees will actually be completely immersed in every-day Gilmore life. That’s because the festival is taking place in the town that actually inspired Stars Hollow — Washington Depot, Connecticut.


The town is absolutely picture perfect, and after looking at some pictures on the internet (unless, you’ve actually been there and you know first hand) the town looks like Stars Hollow. It feels like Stars Hollow. It’s just missing one thing that’ll make it truly like Stars Hollow.

Washington Depot doesn’t have a gazebo.

WHAT! How can a picturesque small Connecticut town not have a gazebo?? Next thing you’re going to say is that they don’t have a dance studio/town hall meeting space.


But it’s true. Washington Depot doesn’t have a gazebo, and it needs a gazebo.

So the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest is buying Washington Depot a gazebo, and we’re not crying Gilmore Girls related tears, YOU ARE.

According to the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival website, throughout the weekend raffle tickets will be available for those in attendance, and all the money will go towards a gazebo. The raffle tickets will be for Gilmore Girls prizes, of course, with winners snagging “Gilmore Girls inspired merchandise, books, prints and festival swag.”  Yes, take all our money. 


This is amazing, and such an amazing way to give back to the small town that started it all. Now just to figure out how to get a thousand yellow daisies into Washington Depot, too…

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