These smitten neighbors exchanged notes, and it’s like a real-life romance movie

So, the most adorable, Nora Ephron movie-worthy romance is happening in real life, and we are just swooning over the entire thing. It all started when the French Reddit user TwistnRoll posted a picture of a love note left by a secret admirer for her neighbor. This resulted in an entire chain of eager Redditors who collectively cheered for this romance to happen — because how wonderful and perfect would that be?! They probably also wondered who this mystery wordsmith was, leaving smitten notes tapes to doors.

Here’s the note. We’re currently trying to keep our bodies and souls from melting into puddles.

If you can’t read French, that’s cool. Here’s a handy translation from Cosmopolitan:

I mean, come on. Didn’t you just feel your ribcage swell with love and sweetness and the promise of endless ardor? This could be like The Office‘s Pam and Jim IRL! They could be soulmates! And the note-leaving fun doesn’t even stop there. TwistnRoll later logged on to Reddit and posted another image — a RESPONSE to the first note! The person wrote in blue pen, “I don’t know if this is about me . . . What is the first letter of your name?”

To which the mystery note-leaver wrote back, “It’s a Y (and this is about you).” And they ADDED A SMILEY FACE. Which is so earnest and cute and I love this couple already and I don’t even know them or if they’re going to be a couple.

The development of this love story stops here. For now. “There was nothing new when I went to work this morning but obviously, I will let you know if there is something new,” the Reddit user told BuzzFeed France. And we, of course, will keep you guys updated. Bated breath, you guys.

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