Here’s that real-life Powerline concert you’ve always wanted

I love A Goofy Movie a lot. I like to think it’s my life’s mission to get a live-action Goofy Movie made. So far, it’s not going so well, as you can probably guess, because there’s is no live-action Goofy Movie on Disney’s upcoming film roster. While I (not) patiently wait for that fateful day to come, can I interest you in a real-life Powerline concert? Because it happened and it’s amazing.

YouTuber Stuart Edge and acapella singer Peter Hollens teamed up to put on a real Powerline concert at a Food Truck roundup in Provo, Utah. Setting up the scene exactly like the opening of A Goofy Movie, they even had Principal Mazur come out and start to give a speech about summer vacation! Now add in Bobby Zimmerusk and his Cheese Wiz, dancers, strobe lights, and a crowd of screaming fans, and the fact that these two guys are even dressed like Powerline and Max? Wow. Just wow.

They perform both “Stand Out” and “Eye To Eye” (or “I 2 I” if you’re going to be picky), and this is by far the best — and so far, only — Powerline concert. If I had known about this in advance I totally would have jumped in the car for a cross country road trip.

Check out the video below, and hopefully Disney’s watching and makes my live-action Goofy Movie dreams come true.

(Image via Disney.)