These teens staged a real life ‘High School Musical’ moment at their school

You know that fantasy you have, where your normal life is suddenly kicked into technicolor and people start singing and dancing and it’s amazing? In other words, when your life becomes a movie musical?

As a graduation prank from 6th form (the equivalent of senior year here in the States), the students of Loreto Grammar School in the UK decided to make that dream come true. They memorized and choreographed a song and dance number to “Stick to the Status Quo,” a kicky song from High School Musical that takes place in a cafeteria and reminds everyone to be themselves even within the pressures of high school conformity. Then, the students performed it as a flash mob in their own cafeteria!

The video kicks off with one girl jumping on a table to sing along with the beginning of the song, played over speakers. When the chorus hits, more 6th-form students leap up to clap and dance along in a choreographed dance. They’re all smiling and laughing and having so much fun — just like in our real-life-musical fantasies.

Faye Smith, one of the organizers of the prank, said everyone “seemed to love it and joined in — even the teachers.” So fun! Jane Beever, the head of the school, liked that the prank was creative, positive, and let the girls blow off some steam. She said, “The pressure of exams is huge. I am delighted that they felt able to express themselves in such a creative way.”

Their original video on Facebook has gone viral, with over 1 million views and still climbing. Go girls! Thanks for showing us how to “Break Free” from the status quo and that “We’re All In This Together,” and here’s hoping that this is the “Start of Something New” — in fact, I would “Bet on It.” (I had to!)

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