These new real-life Disney villains are creeping us out…especially Cruella!

Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen has a knack for bringing real-life Disney characters to life. In fact, he’s so impressive we’ve written about him before. And if you haven’t checked out his previous work, his reimaginings of Disney princesses and their loving princes will knock your socks off.

Väätäinen began drawing Disney villains last Halloween season, when fansite Oh My Disney asked Väätäinen to create something more “sinister” for the Halloween season, and, as we see, he certainly delivered. Now he’s continued his villain streak this Halloween. His latest additions to his line of villains are just as swoon-worthy, especially his disturbing Cruella De Vil:

This Cruella De Vil will be haunting our dreams

Frozen‘s Prince Hans proves appearances can be deceiving

Jafar has never looked so nefarious

Moral Outrage can be a villain, too

Mother Gothel’s smile is more of a sneer

In describing his process, Väätäinen told The Huffington Post:

“I usually have a certain vision in my head of the character, and I start by thinking of and looking for people or real-life pictures that somehow remind me of the character I am working on. I combine, manipulate and blend together elements, textures and features from dozens and dozens of real-life photos to come up with this vision of mine.

When Jirka Väätäinen isn’t creating fantastic Disney realizations, he’s designing logos and icons (all easily seen on his website). His work is gorgeous. Now we only wish he create more work! But we understand, genius takes time.

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