We’re so ready for Tinder’s new gender-inclusive settings

At the recent Code Conference this Thursday, Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder himself, announced some exciting new things that are coming to Tinder! They’ll soon be making some changes to their settings, and we can’t wait. So, what are they changing? They’re allowing users to choose gender options beyond just “male” or “female,” which is a huge move that shows they’re finally listening to the complaints from transgender and gender non-conforming users.

Tinder users have spoken out time and again about the shortcomings of the platform, because gender isn’t binary and sexuality is fluid— so this change is a welcome one. false false

Speaking about transgender and gender non-conforming users at Code, Rad said, “For a long time we haven’t done enough to give them a good experience. It’s harder for them to get what they’re looking for. We have to modify our experience to address that.”

These changes will roll out in about a month or two, and we can expect a new interface that will allow more customization to profiles — this will allow user to be more clear not only about who they are, but also about what they’re looking for in potential partners. It’s admirable that Rad and everyone else at Tinder is listening to their users, and we can’t wait to see what the new interface looks like. Hopefully the experience will be vastly improved for everyone; for now, we’ll have to wait and see!