10 hidden messages in Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” video you may have missed

Taylor Swift just dropped the music video for her second single “Ready For It” and just like the last video, it is packed with hidden messages and easter eggs. Back in the day, Swift used to hide secret messages in the liners notes for her albums, but now she’s moved the practice to her videos. Her videos have become visual scavenger hunts and are better for it.

Here are 10 easter eggs you might have missed in the video for “Ready for It.”

1She replaced her crew of backup dancers from “Look What You Made Me Do” with these cyborg things.

2Fans are pointing out the visual similarities between this video and the “Bad Blood” video.

Both involve shattering glass and Swift free-falling backward.

3The hidden messages on the wall might refer to other song titles on the album.

4“They’re burning all the witches” is graffitied across the stairs.

5Swift also hid messages in Chinese, like the Year of the Snake aka her birth year.

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Also, that Joseph could be in reference to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn or to the video’s director Joseph Kahn.

6We don’t know if this one is a “hidden” message per se, or rather, the entire purpose of the video, but it’s still cool.


7This ode to her and her boyfriend’s birth years.


8The white horse from the “Blank Space” video is now tough and armored.

9Is this ~surprised Taylor?~

10This video made it clear that the Reputation album artwork is also using the Old Vs. New Taylor iconography.


Here’s the video in full:


Anything we missed?

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