5 reasons you should read Lena Dunham’s book now

Back in late August, when the world was sweltering-melting, and summer fatigue had set in, and all we wanted more than anything was to feel that crisp, cool, back-to-school feeling and cozy up with a blanket and something great to read, we wrote about Lena Dunham’s book, “Not That Kind Of Girl.” We wrote about how just very STOKED we were that it would soon exist and how we couldn’t wait to devour it like you would a sheet cake you just made for yourself on a whim at 10:47 on a Friday night.

Since we wrote that story, approximately 17 billion humans have typed human words and weighed in on Lena Dunham’s book. In fact, the noise around Lena Dunham’s book has sometimes out-shadowed the work itself. So, here we are, three months later, to tell you that we are still very excited about Lena Dunham’s book and, if you haven’t yet, we think you should read it. Here’s why.

1. Because she delivers on this early-in-the-book promise. 

2. Because her empowering, positive feelings about her body are contagious

3. Because sometimes we all need a reminder about what we deserve in relationships and that reminder is in this book

4. Because at its core, this book is about respect, self and otherwise

5. Because it will inspire you

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