You have to read the emotional letter Bella Hadid wrote her mom about Lyme disease

When people are young and successful, it can be easy to assume they don’t struggle with things. It can also be easy to assume that they’re the picture of health, especially if they’re fit and beautiful. However, a lot of illnesses are invisible, and many people have had to learn to be strong and fight through their symptoms — Bella Hadid and Yolanda Foster are two of those people. They both have Lyme disease, and have quite publicly dealt with their health — Yolanda has been very open about her struggles on the recent season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Bella, as well as her other children, Anwar (who also has Lyme) and Gigi, have been there to support her.

In fact, Yolanda has written a book about her battle with Lyme disease — and it really has been a battle. Many people have questioned the existence of the disease at all, and wondered whether it was instead either depression or munchausen (I’m looking at you, other housewives!). This was while she was dealing with the worst her symptoms had ever been, and multiple surgeries to try and get better. Her book is called Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisibility of Lyme Disease, and features her on the cover with a SUPER CUTE dog (seriously where did that dog come from, and can I meet it?).

Bella posted an Instagram photo of the book cover, and wrote a letter-length caption dedicated to Yolanda. Get a look here:

It reads:

Bella also then posted two throwback photos, of herself and Yolanda from the good old days.

So, so sweet.

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