R&B singer Kehlani’s “Distraction” is the perfect summer crush song

When you’re seriously deep into a crush, it seems as though there’s no way to escape your feelings. Oh, you have an exam in a few days? Too bad, you’re lost in wondering what they’re up to. Oh, you have an extra shift at work? In your downtime, you bet you’ll be listening to a swooning crush song playlist! And on that note, may we suggest adding R&B singer Kehlani’s new single “Distraction” to said playlist for those perfect “it’s real” vibes?

Kehlani, whose second mixtape You Should Be Here earned a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album, sings often about independence and trust in yourself, and “Distraction” fits in with her general MO. However, the song is carried by a flirtatious undertow — “Do you wanna be a distraction, baby?” anchors the song’s catchy chorus, and is the perfect way to distill that “I can’t help how I’m feeling” aspect so typical to crushes.

That’s the thing: For those of us prone to falling in “like” with people, it’s nearly impossible to shake the object of your affections out of your mind. Even if the relationship doesn’t escalate, the dreamy haze of a crush is infectious nonetheless. “Distraction” imagines a world in which all of your crushes are reciprocated, in which the biggest thing you have to worry about is how you can do anything but marvel at this amazing partner in your life. It is a perfect summer crush, anytime crush song, and you bet you’ll be looping it the next time you get caught in your feels: